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Great friends with the compatriots in Taiwan noted connected with the download tool

Chat software, download software, antivirus software must have software installed ... kind words, in our view, is another common, however, because we normally use the computer process, these utilities are essential. So in Taiwan and Taiwan, computer users have installed the software What are commonly used it? From the recent Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2009) gave us the answer. For example, in regard to Taiwan's most popular download software introduction, we saw the FOXY and FlashGet figure.

1, a native of "Foxy" software

"FOXY" Taiwan is a "local made" specifically for fast search and download MP3 music downloader, the latest version is 1.9.8 version. Of course, in addition to downloading music search, but also use it to find and download movies, pictures, documents and other formats, software interface shown in Figure 1.

In the software interface on the left we can clearly see its feature set items, so this software is very easy to use. Can directly enter the search keyword in the top left of the interface to search, you can also navigate through the contents of its home page to search for download (the home page navigation content for the time being only the games, software, resources). In the search results you can view and search keywords related to all resources, including video, audio, double-click to download, and shown in Figure 2. Option is set to run the software key is simple, just provide the option to customize the download directory changes. More emphasis on the desire to use the software effectiveness Cikuan spirit.

"FOXY" is a P2P software, download resources, so it more depends on end-sharing software to set the "share" function key, can bring the machine to share out the resource directory; Download my speed is displayed in the lower left corner of the software. In general, the larger software simple and efficient feature is; but because they do not limit the number and speed of download, completely free, so the island is very popular.

Second, "the successful invasion" flashget

"Express" to download the software that is installed on the mainland must-have software, powerful download fast and free, the latest version of FlashGet 3.1; because the software also supports multi-language interface, including the traditional Chinese version, the Express software very popular in Taiwan.

Cikuan software resources include a variety of search methods, either through the software's "resource center" to quickly find popular download resource, can also enter a keyword search on their own. When to start the download, you can download the interface shown in Figure 4 to view the download speed, task attributes and other related information; especially the "video preview" feature that can help users determine in advance to experience poor quality video or look under the edge fun; download is complete can be left "to complete download" are classified under the appropriate find, if you download a lot of resources, the software also provides downloadable resources worry local search function.

Express software in Taiwan and Taiwan became popular, and it should be multi-protocol support, and powerful download download management inseparable. In addition to the above described "video preview" features, the "resource detector" are also more attractive, because this feature can easily download all kinds of hidden resources page.

PS: Express software would not have said, we generally in use; mainland users can install using the "FOXY" software, the Internet provides a simplified version to download. It should be noted, however, because this software is based on P2P technology and users are mostly people in Taiwan, so the resources through its download speed is not very satisfactory. If you prefer the pursuit of speed, that it was honestly the Express software. Ha ha

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"Nobunaga's Ambition 13 Heaven," the enemy in depth and around point reinforcements, waste Chaim

Open file for 55 years, the country for, with Ida home, take the Qing state and fog Hill Imperial Palace, the above is a tiger at home, occupying Inaba Hill, a small valley and the Goddess of Mercy Temple

As played in front of an eastward, almost into the last tiger, jj, Imagawa, devil, three good unbeatable package of fence, the first Tiger first thought can kill it?

Compare the strength, I tube wells viper alliance Kiriyama Gosho worry, but there is also transported 8,000 troops short period of time not in the past

Qing Shan state and Inaba have 11,000 soldiers, but the tiger temple a small valley and do backup, and Miyoshi family alliance, but also a pain in the Friends of the masses to help the country, apparently to take no less than open file Siege.

How do?

First, open files internal affairs articles

Talents, Ida home early all the political people, President Wu garbage extreme, there is a Father's anti-intellectual, but it also is water, only enough light will still command 55 cases of small benign towards River.

And Tiger go to war simply die ah!

However, Cheongju three: Hojo's Gang, Core Lay and the Department of Mataemon is simply disregard for my family and Ida born!

Hojo short board to fill the command to the neglect department can quickly build, Core lay? This account, easier addition to high intelligence and the ugly, the other indicators in the marital home last first!! (What? But there are still a force lower than him! did not even pay attention)

OMG! This time he brought me a pleasant surprise! Anyway, he nothing to do, dig a bit to open files really cattle his father, even out of loyalty, but also dug two directly out over it!

Of course, with real cattle to the ~ ~ ~ ~ there, and I am the same age as Sun unborn eyed lobster!

Then transferred to a fog Hill Imperial Palace, even dug over again and light show of GG!

With these people, exterminate Takeda Me and!

Open files from the road, not to mention rich

Minister indiscriminately as miners, road construction is fast, as soon as possible get through the fog Hill Gosho leading the way is the only proper Cheongju ah!

Second, the pre-war harassment articles

The following year in April, basically completed internal affairs, hastened to take advantage of the computer within one year of the characteristics of deployed troops do not hit people ah!

So I show the small Liang Chuanzong article and Sanada, led the North to bring the Qing Shan State Army Inaba bound. At this point also to the army of the mountain fog Cheongju transit

Followed by road works in disregard of the Department of bridge-building road

The first disturbance was very successful, the North carried the article, Koyanagawa behind archery.

Naito beats off, wipe out the Shuaidui to aid the tiger and other small armed forces, soldiers are not the tiger cow waste ah! 2000 Zabing 1w in my army will destroy them.

Here is the point of reinforcements around the classical approach, map the location of primary and secondary beams River just cardholders the route of the enemy reinforcements, the city that beat Naito run, but is obsessed with reinforcements from the road into the city to

Nature is easy to kill.

The Friends of the public to aid the country, experience in the field is equivalent to send to fight for it!

After this incident, Tiger battered around the mountain town Inaba was I snapped. I did not miss much.

At this time our army's strategic objectives are achieved, safely back to the city. Leave the territory of the enemy line and a defense of my business-cho (Pan is made of money).

Then in July, went to Huang in a circle, extinguish small unit, representing the next was again robbed the tiger back town. Then leave a line and (the line and I almost bad event, this place would have to leave a pan, and unfortunately not enough money)

Mitsuhide GG did not participate in military action, has been farming at home, military recruitment, or the modern discovery of each 3000 +. . . The role of Sanada's not much, I mainly put the iron wall.

3, Mountain Fortress Inaba, a hair's breadth between victory or defeat

After two harassment, Tiger Mountain is only 7,000 soldiers Inaba, Odani Castle about 3000

At this time, my Cheongju stationed themselves 2w, Cheongju also searched my main go-getters - into the soil hold pro!

Walking handsome, four-dimensional average, but the A's Marines fitness and gun 3 stunt men that he flew into my top go-getters! Unfortunately, like the money to build the temple, the book does not get started adaptive, can not into an S .

Then in November, in the new round of recruitment is open, I 10006 1 000 troops of launching a. Tiger's performance anomaly tenacious, personally took command of resistance rice Hayama, I beat back his small unit, the successful Siege.

As the policy mistakes, had brought a 5 person team, led troops dispersed after the troops already Siege inadequate rail was replaced with the array value, Core strength lay down very quickly, morale is only 50.

But this time, the National Friends of the congregation also sent a wave of 3,000 soldiers come to assist. So I send line and disregard the seat of the Department rushed to the delay.

Friends finally in the country before the public to the next town around the city and capture the tiger under a large number of fervent opponent.

4, storm Odani Castle to win over significant power

After the cultivation of rice leaf mountain won two of months, so the morale of return over the same time, transferred from Cheongju thousands of soldiers in the past

As the tiger and Miyoshi are allies, the battle is very dangerous, so the whole army of launching the only mountain in the rice leaf left a soldier defense, anyway, city defense to 0, the above Shimadzu cherry hole would stay home to play the same number of

In April to the neglect rate of 300 engineering department Mataemon bound Odani Castle site, created a pan

Tiger used to play by my 1.7w army banishes.

Into the small valley community, Miyoshi family even sent troops to aid 1.1w, the National Friends of the congregation had sent out a 3k, this time the enemy was more than the total strength 2w

Situation is very ominous, but this time a look of surprise, Miyoshi family led Nuthin Araki Murashige, a brother to stroke it!-Break!

First go to the Friends of the village before the country split-pan, and encountered the resistance of the tiger and the state-owned Village, Pan ringing off the hook after the Tigers back to the city, and country Friends of the congregation were destroyed in the short term does not bother me.

Then head to the temple in the city on the road went up to the Araki Murashige team, can not let him on the city wall and the tiger convergence.

Playing for a moment, both sides suffered heavy losses, a win over Onodera Fai Road, continue, military counter-balance.

Araki brother threw down three with carrying a gun 2, a voice shouted birds, estimates that "the mountains do not change often green water flow" of the class, turned Paolu the.

I quickly taking the time to account for the state under the next village, the family flew sent to the alliance, and sent troops to attack Odani Castle dependent.

And then exterminate the temple town to the 2k reinforcements, turned around and faced a large force of the original Tiger Yin, surprise, a win over continues, this man has Paolu back to the city.

Then the simple, white 6000 no state-owned Village Fire Attack burn the city is still very fierce in the. As the lack of morale at this time, the city had to be ringing off the hook.

Saying that a small hill surrounded Gokseong very slow, the loss too.

5, win over temple, tiger litter capture

After winning Odani Castle, on the left temple of a city 2k soldiers, and morale, after full

3000 employees of state-owned Village 3k soldiers burst directly with the city, the city did not dare Wai temple, surrounded very slowly, if reinforcements came home Miyoshi cry ~

Direct save over fighting, iron hold soil behind the wall into three shot three relatives, friends of both State Fire Attack, the city would burst.

Exterminate Takeda, then dead city, a cherry-hole Shimadzu revenue, you can peace of mind till the land, until the lobster and one eye per fu, to the time the cavalry + Dragoon, sweeping the world!

Following the side when attached to destroy Takeda generals

But it is worth mentioning that Onodera Fai Road and the soil became even holding off the pro into Takeda's main go-getters, will open before the exile of a small good will towards, and Sichuan were actually father and son were in the pre-show, featuring also the main force.

Hojo is the key figure no doubt, do not know if there is no section headed north, straight in good spirits, led by Court of waste wood they have similar performance, since we can try it. . .

Heaven can be seen inside the human ability to time point all right, but the fitness and skills must be cow fork!

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c # and class differences in the structure


Comparison with the structure of the instance of the class

The difference between class and structure

How to choose the structure or class

1. Example of class and structure comparison:

Structure Example:

public struct Person


string Name;

int height;

int weight

public bool overWeight ()


file / / implement something



Class example:

public class TestTime


int hours;

int minutes;

int seconds;

public void passtime ()


file / / implementation of behavior


Call the procedure:

public class Test


public static ovid Main


Person Myperson = new Person file / / declare structure

TestTime Mytime = New TestTime file / / declare class



From the example above we can see, the class declaration and the structure is very similar statements, only a qualifier followed by the struct or class distinction, and used to define the new structure and definition of new classes of methods are very similar. Then the specific type and structure is the difference between what?

2. The difference between class and structure

1. Value types and reference types

Structure is a value type: Value types are allocated on the stack address, all the basic types are structure types, such as: int corresponding System.int32 structure, string corresponding system.string structure, by using the structure can create more value types

Classes are reference types: reference types allocated on the heap address

The execution efficiency of the stack implementation efficient than the heap, stack, but limited resources, the logic is not suitable for handling large complex objects. Therefore, as the base type of treatment to treat the structure of small objects, while handling a business logic class

Because the structure is a value type so assignment between structures can create new structure, but the classes are reference types, type assignment is duplicated between the reference



1. Although the structure of different types and classes, but their base type is an object (object), c # in all types of base types are object

2. Although the structure of the initialization operator also uses the New Structure of the object, but is still allocated on the stack instead of heap, if you do not use the "new" (new), then initialize all the fields before the field will remain unassigned state, and the object is not available

2. Succession

Structure: not from another structure or class inheritance, in itself and can not be inherited, although the structure with sealed statement is not clear, but the structure is implicitly sealed.

Categories: fully scalable, unless shown otherwise, the statement sealed class can inherit other classes and interfaces can also be self-succession

Note: Although the structure can not be inherited, but the structure can be inherited interfaces, methods, and interfaces inherit the same class

For example: Structures of Interfaces

interface IImage
void Paint ();

struct Picture: IImage
public void Paint ()
/ / Painting code goes here
private int x, y, z; / / other struct members

3. Internal structure:


No default constructor, but you can add constructor

No destructor

Not abstract and sealed (because they can not inherit)

Not have the protected modifier

Can not use the new initialization

Initialize instance fields in the structure is wrong


A default constructor

There destructor

You can use abstract and sealed

Are protected modifiers

Must use the new initialization

3. How to choose the structure or class

Discussed the structure and the similarities and differences in class, the following discussion of how to choose the structure or class:

1. Stack space is limited, the number of logical objects, create a class to create structures better than

2. Structure expressed as points, rectangles and color of such lightweight objects, for example, if the statement contains an array of 1000 Point objects, each object will be allocated for the reference to additional memory. In this case, lower cost structure.

3. In the performance level of abstraction and multi-object level, the class is the best option

4. In most cases just a few of the types of data, structure the best option

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The bitmap on the Symbian operating

Symbian operating a bit in the bitmap and the Windows SDK similar to a Context with Device, following some comments:

Bitmap graphics context
By the CBitmapContext class provides a Graphics context (CGraphicsContext) bitmap graphics implementation. It provides the following features:
1, clear and copy rectangular area;
2 bitmap block transfer (block transfer);
3, set the pen color and gray;
4, set the shadow mode;
5, the GC settings reset to default values

Window Server Client-side API provides an implementation: CWindowGc, which is mainly used for screen graphics, and the other to achieve a CFbsBitGc, which is mainly used for in-memory bitmap drawing, each of these are useful:)

See Figure

Bitmap graphics device
By the CBitmapDevice class provides a Graphics device (CGraphicsDevice) bitmap graphics to achieve.

Here Window Server Client-side API provides an implementation, CWsScreenDevie, used for screen rendering. Another realization is CFbsBitmapDevice, used to draw an in-memory bitmap, there is a CFbsScreenDevice, is primarily used (seldom used) to directly access the screen, skip the window server intermediary.

See Figure

Maintain the operation of the bitmap in CFbsBitmap, it can represent a font and bitmap server is managed by a bitmap. It provides digital map generation, loading and storage. There is also a TBitmapUtil related class, this class provides
Many functions to the user to manipulate the bitmap bits (!), Oh, is not very practical ah.

Bitmap is generally based on their size is stored in two different heap, large bitmap (there is a limit value for 4KB) storage location and small size of the bitmap is different, store large bitmap heap can automatic defragmentation to optimize their space:)

Each bitmap has a two-inch scale units, one twip size, this is the real world of WYSIWYG sizes, and one pixel size.

If you want to be more direct action bit map, you can use CFbsBitmap:: DataAddress (), it can get a bitmap loaded into memory address, inferior race to manipulate bitmap bit, I am afraid that is the fastest way, but still very trouble, huh, huh, attention, such as RGB to operate here, to note that the color difference, the general concept is 0xXXXXXX, with 6 bits to represent the RGB values, which became the 24-bit color, but the 3650/7650 is 4094 color, or 12bit color (4KColor), so operation, we have to switch between the two, we can use TRgb:: Color4K conversion, attention, and its parameters are TInt value, do not write * Address style, or in the simulation device on the pass, the phone will report Kern-Exec 3 errors, and a headache:)

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Xi Guohua, vice minister of MII: China's 3G licenses around four factors

Yesterday conducted the work of China Telecom Group meeting in 2007, despite the Ministry of Information Industry Xi Guohua, Vice Minister again stressed the "3G licenses being issued when the study, no conclusion." But he has further pointed out that China 3G licenses payment depends on four factors:

First, products, technology, business maturity.

And Xi pointed out that TD-SCDMA has been basically mature.

Second, the competitive landscape of the optimization. Xi Guohua clear that China's current telecom market is facing a serious imbalance in the competitive landscape. China Mobile, a single large, thriving new business telecom operation this year, revenues and profits in China Mobile accounted for 70% -80%. In contrast with China Mobile is growing more difficult for fixed network operators.

"We have recognized that mobile business license issued less. China Mobile and China Unicom unequal strength, not form effective competition." Xi Guohua said yesterday, Ministry of Information Industry is stepping up research, how to adjust regulatory policies, such as issuing 3G mobile licenses, the implementation of all business operations to reverse this pattern, it is necessary to prevent duplication, but also to compete effectively.

The third is the intellectual property rights. Xi Guohua stressed, 3G-standard intellectual property fees must be reasonable, too easy to create a monopoly, would lead to the results of human civilization will hinder the application.

Fourth is the need to fully support TD-SCDMA. Xi Guohua said the Ministry of Information Industry is doing a recent evaluation report, the basic view that "TD-SCDMA basic conditions for the commercialization": The testing results show the core TD-SCDMA has independent intellectual property rights standards and technology, is feasible in principle, can set a large network, although there are still some problems, but the construction and application in the future can be resolved gradually. For the follow-up TD-SCDMA development, Xi said, "The industry is developing technology evolution roadmap."

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Talks like a child (I)

Pure, clever, passionate. We talked about children, the mind think of all these terms. But there is a group of words also apply to them: stubborn, determined, high-handed, there are winners.

If you want to debate anything to do with the kids, they are often the final victory, but the parents will be defeated. Many parents will say to yourself: "I am afraid we now have to go downstairs to the child's toy elephant brought it, because we will finally agreed to go get the."

Indeed, the child is the world's best negotiators.

So what will this child be the parent you want to consistently accommodate the situation is how this happen? Several successful manager of a 40 people do not know how things will be lost to a four-year old Mao Haizi it? More importantly, the adult How to control children who possess the skills that it shocking?

Why in the negotiations on the children skills so superb, we do not have a single explanation. More reasonable because, under the specific circumstances they will use different techniques, including most of us have already been abandoned in some social shameless ploy.

The following are some children's negotiation skills, if you can, almost can be done time-tested.

Tips 1: bad temper

Bad temper is the most basic negotiation children wrist. Noise is often the most vicious people can get what you want. Just think of Walt Disney's Eisner (Michael Eisner) and Microsoft's Bill Gates (Bill Gates) on this hard to understand. The two are notoriously violent temper, but get whatever I wanted.

Of course, you do not want to rely on angry known benefits to their fishing, but to learn how to use these skills to the company for their own interests. Even if the only thing to give up your own principles to the extent of concessions, you will not waver.

Skills II: the fool

Children in the use of this technique when the following two forms: either pretend they do not understand it, or pretended not to hear. For example a child will gradually increase with the tone said, "What? What? What?!" Finally, the other children and he will not argue. In desperation, they will accept the fact that and the child did not understand.

Just think, if you do not want to deal with someone while blocking all communication with him, how strong this feeling. To give an example of telemarketing. And others are usually some kind of perfunctory dialogue, which is precisely used by telemarketers. Therefore, you should do is to immediately block such communication, methods can be confused and or simply no response. In this way, you eliminate the negotiations will be beneficial to this particular way telemarketers end of any possibility.

Pretend not to hear for such a situation, is that you never worked and the other was. If it is in their own companies to do so, you will think you do not listen to the views of others or lack of sensitivity. Pretend you do not know what the other party to do or say, you can also play at a time when not fully prepared to postpone talks. In this case, that the purpose is to control the time that their own interests.

Tips 3: do self-

Children will not adopt a different role to adapt to the environment. They are more children, no camouflage and cover. And they all know each other, know who was more shy, who more noisy, who like boasting, who say funny jokes, who always has a lot of stuff pocket, etc.. In short, the children have their own strengths and weaknesses. When you know a child, you will know he is a kind of person. They rarely disguised himself into another person.

This capability can help you simplify and speed up the negotiation process, because you do not play the first insight into what role the other side, do not try to get to the bottom of their intrinsic motivation or intention is.

If you can do to keep themselves and make sure that other people believe you are what they seem, then people will believe that it is because of you that matters to progress very smoothly.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some feel the use of multimedia courseware

The use of multimedia technology in the modern teaching are nothing new, and I tried so many times in teaching, this year I took a small class teaching in small classes in various activities, try to use multi-media courseware, I have some new feelings:

1. Courseware material image of the need to be lovable. Because younger children prefer some lovely realistic image of teachers in the design of courseware should take this into account when alone oral preaching does not work, the focus for the activities and difficulties appear to have been as much as possible in the courseware vivid appearance, meet the children's understanding.

2. Courseware to be closer to the lives of children in small classes. In the past in the design process, we pay more attention to the transfer of scientific knowledge, but practice it, I found that many children of small age are not interested in these, and they all look, do some performing more interested in performing these areas, because " experience "is the old children the most direct way to acquire knowledge in the choice of content from the old children to avoid the contents of life.

3. Courseware presentation time should not be too long. In actual operation, we also found that, although multimedia courseware for child care has a certain appeal, but more than a certain time, their attention will also shift, so we should pay attention in the design of courseware courseware content and teacher explanation, questioning the interaction, so as to truly play the role of courseware.

In the specific practice, we will encounter many problems naturally, as long as we are good at in the review and summary of activities, I believe we will play a more multi-media teaching unexpected results!

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